Hi!  This is the visitor sign-in page.  That’s what I’m calling it anyway.  It is a place to say hi and introduce yourself or leave general comments.

The BlackAddler is lighthearted.  It is seldom intentionally serious, but it is my hope you will find it occasionally provocative.  What you can expect to find here are random essays, though don’t be surprised if you come across an occasional amphigory.  And there won’t be a post every day.  In fact, there might be only one or two posts per month, but I might throw in an occasional Image Post between the normal essays.  I’m making this up as I go, so we’ll just have to see what happens

Please check out the links in the sidebar.  But for a few exceptions, the links are literary oriented, and they all belong to friends…except for Denis Leary’s link, but he is the husband of a friend so I promote his site even though he is far too talented to need my help.  All of the blogs are excellent and well written, and don’t forget the author pages where you can find some of my friends’ books for sale.  I can vouch for all of them as being not only great writers but good people as well.


8 Responses to “Visitor Page”

  1. Walker Says:

    I ❤ you. Can't wait for the mayhem to begin.

  2. Cheree Says:

    Amazing things one finds by looking at a friend’s old posts, eh? Now, if I can remember how to add to Favorites . . . .

  3. Kcecelia Says:

    Congratulations on beginning your blog. I enjoyed your inaugural entry, though I am a fan of blatherskite too.

    1. BlackAddler Says:

      I think the type of nonsense I’m talking about was a product of the 60’s, the age of fervent spiritualism and LSD. Everything had to be deep and filled with transcendental meaning. Far out, man!

      Do you remember the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? Do you remember how people had fun analyzing that movie to death…especially, the monolith? That kind of thing can be great fun, but for most part it really is just mental masturbation.

  4. Dani H Says:

    Yes, I remember the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Unfortunately, I also remember the 60’s, LSD, and Far Out. So far, I’m enjoying your blog at least as much as that time {or at least as much as I can remember from the 60’s.}

    1. BlackAddler Says:

      Hey there! I was hoping you would drop by. You just up and went poof on Twitter. I started to #FF you and realized you were gone.

      We miss you.

  5. Heather Johnson Says:

    Your blog is probably one of the few I like. It’s can be funny and always entertaining. One of my faves was about the taxi drivers. It reminds me of a few we got in Washington DC.

    1. BlackAddler Says:

      Thanks, Heather. I’ve been remiss this year in posting due to myriad things going on. Am now trying to get life back to normal after the floods here in Bangkok and hopefully will finish a short story I’ve been working on to post here. Thanks for the comment.

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